Adult Ministries

The senior minister at a large church was well known for his sermons, by which he was known as the “master of extended metaphors.” Tremendous, memorable stories that were based on Biblical principles but, as he once remarked, his congregation would “never be Biblically literate.” That will never be the case at Epiphany, where the Bible forms the authoritative basis for all facets of our spiritual life and growth.

Our sermons are always based on Scripture and seek to either prove, explain or apply God’s Word to our lives. Each week, a Biblical passage is “taken apart” to understand what it meant to the original audience, and then applied to what it could mean to us today, with suggestions as to how it may further our spiritual growth, life and faith.

There are also ample opportunities for adult classes every week, from Bible studies to open forums to classroom settings:

On Sunday mornings, there is an Adult Discussion Class between the services. Starting at 9:30 and lasting approximately 45 minutes, in the past the class has discussed the writings of C. S. Lewis and Watchman Nee, as well as “hotter” subjects like the Sanctity of Life.

On Wednesday mornings, there is both a Men’s Bible Study and a Women’s Bible Study . The Men’s study is attended by a group of men who are interested in really delving into a book of the Bible and discussing how it applies to their lives, while the Women’s study is usually based on a video program (e.g, Beth Moore) and involves a very lively discussion.

On Wednesday evenings, the Adult Discipleship Class is usually taught by our Rector, Woody Volland, and alternates from a thorough study of a book of the Bible to a deeper discussion on a Biblical theme. Paul’s Letter to the Romans, the Anglican “Thirty-Nine Articles” and “The Gifts of the Spirit” are examples of recent offerings.

Although we never expect our folks to be theologians, it is our hope that their understanding of God’s Word and how it applies to their lives, as well as their being encouraged to live what they believe, will always go well beyond the level of “extended metaphor.”

If you have any questions about our current offerings for the spiritual growth of you and your family, please don’t hestitate to give us a call!

Children's Ministries

Children’s Ministries are a critically important part of our Sunday mornings! Because our 10:30 worship service is the one most often enjoyed by families, a full complement of children’s activities is provided. We have an ample Nursery area with all new, safe equipment and a dedicated individual to watch over the youngest members of our community.

For those of elementary school age, our Director of Children’s Ministries is always available and, with parent volunteers, provides solid, fun (and sometime noisy!) activities that are always based on a nationally-approved, Bible-based and age-appropriate Christian curriculum. Our goal in Children’s Ministries is to always focus on Jesus Christ and have our kids want to be back in church next week!

Every week at the 10:30 service, the children return to their parents half-way through the adult service so they can take Communion together as a family.  Kids contribute offerings that support an orphan of the Rwandan genocide, and later “assist” with the percussion at the closing hymn!